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Genesis Baptist Church

~Reaching Out ~

See You at Bible Study!

  Intercessory Prayer

Sunday mornings 7:00 am


And he is the head of the body; the church: and he is the savior of the body...Christ also loved the church and gave himself for it.

            Ephesians 5:23,25


Pastor Headen


Dr. Gregory T. Headen, Pastor


    It is the light, the freedom, and the inclusiveness. At the center of the faith is the cross. It represents being broken and shaped for the Master’s purpose.





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Welcome to Genesis Baptist Church. 
We are delighted to have you visit with our
church family.

Genesis Baptist Church   




          In February 27, 1997, about seventy-five members met at the Hayes Taylor YMCA, on East Market Street in Greensboro North Carolina for prayer and Bible Study with Pastor Headen and Reverend McLaughlin.

         The small group praised the Lord with songs and studied the Bible.  Afterwards, some of the members asked Pastor Headen to reserve a room for a worship service on the coming Sunday.  Pastor Headen did not think many people would come, but he reserved a room at theHilton Hotel in downtown Greensboro.  The news spread quickly, and on March 2, 1997, approximately 250 people arrived at the hotel for the Sunday morning worship service.   Church services continued to be held weekly at the hotel for six months.  On October 5, 1997, the congregation and worship services were relocated to our present location at 2812 E. Bessemer Avenue, Greensboro North Carolina.

   ~ Who We Are~

Our Lord            

Romans 6:23    But the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

    Our Bible            

 Learn more about God...Read the Bible

      Our Vision         

The vision of Genesis is to experience the presence of God as he inhabits the praises of his people, to learn more about God by studying the Bible, Christian theology and church history, giving truth practical application in our lives, work, and relationships; and to be a Christian community that reaches for the lost and hurting in every creative way possible based on our gifts, talents, and resources.  We seek to have those we reach to experience God’s presence, learn and apply truth to their lives, and reach others by sharing their faith.

     Our Purpose                  

The purpose of Genesis Baptist Church is to reach up to God through worship, to reach in through  Christian education and nurture, and to reach out through evangelical ministry                                               

Our Church Logo

GENESIS BAPTIST CHURCH is a new beginning. It is the light, the freedom, and the inclusiveness, that has emerged from behind dark mountains of misunderstanding, confusion, pain, and bondage in the mother church. GENESIS began with people who were willing to walk by faith and trust God to meet every need. At the center of the faith is the cross, the willingness to sacrifice and suffer the recognition that our Lord suffered for us. It is not a neat cross with smooth edges, but a rugged cross, a blood-stained cross. It represents being broken and shaped for the Master’s purpose.


                               Who is GENESIS? GENESIS is the community of those who are being crucified with Christ. Who is GENESIS? GENESIS is the community of those who are being resurrected to newness of life, hope for the community, rays of light as the sun rises anew from behind dark mountains over against a blue sky, a sky that symbolized God’s favor and God’s approval. Genesis is God’s working, God’s gift of love and fellowship, the freedom to respond to God’s call, to exercise our spiritual gifts, and to worship God freely.


  We Believe...

- Every human being is to be valued as a creature in the image of God with inherent worth, a
candidate for redemption and eternal life without respect to age, race, gender, or socioeconomic

-The Bible is the supreme guide in matters of faith practice. We believe it to be written by persons
who were inspired by the Holy Spirit.

- Only those who are connected to Jesus Christ by faith in his life, death, and resurrection and who
are participants in his redemptive purpose in the world are truly the Body of Christ.

- The gifts and calling of every believer in Jesus Christ without regard to cultural, biological, or social
distinctions. We are obligated to encourage every person who believes to stir up the gift that is within
him/her and to walk in his/her calling.

-That genuine fellowship is one of the highest expressions of Christian community and nurture for
the human spirit. We are obligated to participate in and to enhance such fellowship.

-That the nurture of our children and young people is of utmost priority, that whole persons do not fall
from the sky, but they have to be made through nurture, growth, and development. This is much of the
church’s ministry.

-That we are sent to the world as witnesses for our Lord. A complacent disposition with regard to saving
souls is contradictory to the teaching of our Lord. We must proactively find the lost, share with them the
gospel, and lead them to the Savior, Jesus Christ.



   We have created this website in an effort to help you become more knowledgeable about our church and the various ministries, programs and events currently in place.   It is our earnest desire
that you continue to grow in your faith by developing a personal and unshakeable relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our church family is available to support and encourage
you along your journey.  Thank you for selecting Genesis as your site to visit.